31 Years  1987 – 2018

What started out as little more than a whim has come a long way in 31 years . . .

The Martin City St. Patrick’s Parade is an event with a mildly illicit history, stretching back to 1987 when R.C. Van Noy, the owner of Jess & Jim’s Steakhouse and RC’s Restaurant, started a tradition by wrangling a few friends to drive down 135th Street in convertibles and wave at a few appreciative local patrons.

Everyone had a laugh. The event grew bit by bit over years, even as it remained a largely informal and unpermitted parade.

But as the parade grew and years passed, the City became insistent and pressure mounted to authorize the Martin City St. Patrick’s parade.

About 10 years ago, the Martin City Business & Community Association (MCBCA) took over the planning and things got serious. The parade went legitimate with KCMO permits and moved to the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day – a tradition that still stands today.

This is a wonderful community party and a MCBCA thank-you to the community for all the years of supporting Martin City.

The event has seen its share of Missouri weather as well. One year it was 75 degrees. Another year a tornado blew just blocks away. Generally it is frigid and gray. For the 25th Anniversary in 2012, there was rain most of the day. The important thing is – nothing spoils the spirit that the community brings to this event.

Our parade has drawn as many as 75 parade entries and up to 20,000 people many years. Parade watchers have established a tradition of arriving early and lining 135th St. with tailgate and viewing parties. Sunday - March 11, 2018, the Martin City St. Patrick’s parade will mark its 31st Anniversary.

The uniqueness of the Martin City St. Patrick’s Parade is a source of pride for the Martin City Business & Community Association, its merchants and many of the local citizens. We are the biggest little fun parade in Kansas City. This moniker will never change.

The event will continue to be a celebration of fun, community spirit and gratitude to the community for the support that is shown to Martin City.

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